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About Us


Out There Winnipeg (OTW) provides a healthy, inclusive, accessible and safe space for adult folks of the LGBT2SQ+ community and allies to meet, socialize, be active and have fun! Our sport and recreation activities include both cooperative and competitive environments that cater to everyone regardless of experience or skill level! Join the OTW community! We look forward to seeing you Out There!

If there is a sport that you would like to see (or help us organize) please send us a message! We are always looking to add more activities and can help you get started.

Please click here or on the calendar to see the Calendar of Events for all Out There Winnipeg activities, as well as some affiliate activities!

Looking to Volunteer?

If you’re looking to join the OTW community as a volunteer, please just send us an email and we will be honoured! There’s always lots of stuff to do to continue to grow the organization, across many different fields. So, whatever your skills, we can definitely utilize them!


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